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Monday, 25. July 2011

Temperature rise
By iiidfe85858500, 06:44

Luminous efficiency: is called module's exterior quantum efficiency generally, it pulls out the efficiency for module's internal quantum efficiency and the module the product. The so-called module's internal quantum efficiency, is module's electric light transfer efficiency really,LED Spot Lights mainly (for example module material can have, flaw, impurity) with module's characteristic, module's rampart crystal composition and the structure and so on is related.

What but the module pulls out the efficiency to refer to is the module interior has the photon, in after module's absorption, refraction, reflection, actual photon quantity which may measure outside the module. Therefore, about pulled out the efficiency the factor to include the module material's absorption, module's geometry structure, the module and the seal material refractivity and modular design diffusion properties and so on.

But module's internal quantum efficiency and the module pull out the efficiency the product, is the entire module's illumination effect,led tube light is also module's exterior quantum efficiency. The early module development concentrates in progresses its interior quantum efficiency, the main method is builds the crystal through the progress the quality and the change builds the crystal the structure, causes the electrical energy not to be easy to transform the heat energy, then progresses indirectly the LED luminous efficiency, thus may obtain 70% about the theory interior quantum efficiency, but such internal quantum efficiency nearly already approached the limit theoretically.

Under such condition, the light is impossible depending on the progress module's internal quantum efficiency to progress module's total light quantity, therefore the progress module pulls out the efficiency then to become the important research subject. The present method is mainly: Crystal grain outlook change - - TIP structure, superficial coarsening technology.

Electrical specification: the current control component, When these gentle LED lamp according to cheap evening dressesThat puts on evening dresses you will appear more beautiful moving load characteristics similar PN ties the UI curve, the forward break-over voltage's minimum change can cause the forward current very sweeping change (index rank), leaks the electric current to be very small reverse, has the back breakdown voltage. In the actual use, should choose.

The LED direct voltage changes along with temperature increment is small, has the negative temperature coefficient. The LED consumed power, a department transforms as the energy of light, this is we need. Is left over the transformation for the heat energy, causes the junction temperature to elevate. Falling hair's quantity of heat (power) may be represented as.

Optical character:what LED provides is the half-width very big monochromatic light, can the crack reduce because of the semiconductor along with the temperature rise, Is your conceivable LED lamp shines in shoes that will be very sexy cheap women shoesTherefore we must look for a pair suits from already shoes carefully therefore it launches the peak wavelength grows along with the temperature rise, namely the spectrum red shift, the temperature coefficient is +2~3A/. LED illumination brightness L and the forward current become the proportion approximately:

K is the scale-up factor. The electric current increases, illumination brightness also approximately increases. Moreover illumination brightness also with ambient temperature related, when the ambient temperature is high, the compound efficiency drops, the luminous intensity reduces.

heat studies characteristic: under the undercurrent, Jewelry's ray cannot leave the LED lamp's illumination. cheap fashion je welryLED and the jewelry relations likely the Water and fish the LED temperature rise is not remarkable. If the ambient temperature is high, the LED dominant wavelength red shift, brightness will drop, illumination average, uniform variation. Especially the lattice, the big display monitor's temperature rise to the LED reliability, does not disturb the disposition the influence to be more obvious. Therefore radiation design very key position.

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