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Tuesday, 30. August 2011

beautiful appearance
By iiidfe85858500, 06:06

Tory · Boqi (Tory Burch) 2012 early spring takes vacation in the series female attire, brilliant variegated big flowers design, in the elegant loose long skirt and assumes on two wrap Lian Shenqun to bloom, sticks the dull tweed dye printing coat matching lake blue color the straight seven points trousers, had demonstrated New Mexico has the strong region characteristic pasture to take vacation the character and style.

But lovable cowboy dening coat and tutu,cheap evening dresses is reminding us, Tory · Boqi (Tory Burch) 2012 early spring takes vacation this fresh pasture character and style which the series female attire brings, while has region characteristic, is also west the American classics a character and style part.

Everybody is good, welcome to arrive at August 30, 2011 present early 9 o'clock. Today you will see: The bangle, an item of decoration will become in 2012 with the golden system accessories to be greatly popular, 2011 January to July popular accessories scenery bearing to report that (figure), the East China Sea Qin space fine quartz necklace decorates your beautiful appearance ......

More splendid, please continue to pay attention! [important news focusing] The bangle, an item of decoration will become in 2012 with the golden system accessories to be greatly popular Synopsis: In 2012 which on 28th issued according to the 10th session of Copenhagen jewelry trade exposition the jewelry fashion trend reported that the bangle and an item of decoration,discount costume jewellery the stubby shape's necklace will become next year particularly greatly popularly, the gold, the platinum and the rose gold accessories will be also big a line of its road. Review:

The Copenhagen jewelry trade exposition began in 2002, was the entire Northern Europe area scale biggest jewelry trade fair. It to come from Northern Europe and the world's the jewelry production, the processing and the foreign trader builds the demonstration, the transaction and the cooperation platform, also has provided the study, the exchange and the development talent golden opportunity for the jewelry designer.

[domestic dynamic] January, 2011 to July popular accessories scenery bearing report (figure) Synopsis: Through the bright clever net search wind and cloud announcement data statistics, we analyze obtain “January, 2011 to report to July present handicraft profession accessories scenery bearing”.

The report pointed out that (next chart),South Sea Pearls assumes the rise January to April overall the tendency, is quite stable, how not to stabilize May to July. Rose 67.1% January to February; Rose 83.5% February to March; Is quite small March to April rise's scope, is 16.6%.

Review: The bright clever net industrial product index, the consumable index, raw material index's establishment and the issue are advantageous the commodity which produces in the supplier is suitable for sale, reduces blindness which produces and sells, maintains the reasonable stock, avoids the market risk, but may also help the related enterprise accurate assurance transaction opportunity and the price, the prompt organization is suitable for sale the commodity, raises the fund use efficiency effectively, wholesale fashion jewellery reduces the production and the transaction cost.

At the same time, eagerly anticipates the consumable expense fashion, provides for the general buyers most has the reference value market price information. The index system divides into the booming index, the price index, the attention index and so on.

[new product express delivery] The East China Sea Qin space fine quartz necklace decorates your beautiful appearance Synopsis: We will hear some people saying that frequently the pure natural thing will be very good, the quartz will also be so.LED strip lights The mineral crystal, is comes from the nature, does not need to process, by the people was called it has the divine and wonderful spirit stone.

In vitro is uneven, inside has the lines on face, has the plant, is one kind of closest nature quartz. Wears the mineral crystal necklace, not can only decorate your beauty, similarly can decorate your makings.

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