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Friday, 19. August 2011

ideal design
By iiidfe85858500, 06:12

Succinct, nature and cosmetic, has become the present platinum gold accessories' subject style and the trend of wedding dresses The platinum gold this noble, rare, is pure, is eternal, only needs slightly to have the thoughts to be able to serve as contrast matches belt's metropolis makings.

  Ring:   The slender slender finger most can highlight the diamond US condition. Is infinite with any design's diamond ring appropriate match interest. Succinct Shan Li the olive point diamond may make the thick shape in the vision the finger to fade in slenderly; But the petite hand take Shan Kebo the gold diamond ring as the best choice, handsome fine, style of the alone obviously family treasure.   Hangs falls:

  The platinum gold necklace matches by Shan Kemei drills hangs falls clear elegantly simple clean. V font causes the pate length appears slender, is joined to upper garment which a character leads, the tall and straight elegant tone unfolds broadmindedly. If is opens gets the coverall, while demonstrated that the office worker grave makings does not lose handsome.

  Brooch:   Succinct inserts the needle type platinum gold diamond brooch and the dark bottom clothing appropriate match, in inserts in Liu Si the embellishment to serve as contrast unintentionally presents generation of female's exquisite one women's shoes   Ear ornament:   Neat Shan Zuan ear ornament clear Jan is moving, the work, the movement, make the housework no harm, the diamond twinkle ray live the splendor along with yours travel, can cause you at between the office, the athletic field, the kitchen with similarly to be dazzling eye-catching.

The new bride is wedding ceremony's leading lady, certainly hoped that by to the utmost the magnificent image, accepts guest's congratulation. Even if does not have the giant diamond ornaments, may also this summer greatly hot man-made jewelry match the lining noble nuptial dress evening clothes. Color rich riotous, but the design exaggeration outstanding man-made jewelry, compares traditional the precious jewelry to have the standard, the most important price is suitable, uses for to match the lining civilian clothes also to be possible, is really China really pays equal attention.  

 Lovable red stone cheap fashion jewelry   Will just like the red grain stone magnificent giant heart shape spar string becomes the necklace, in addition the pale pink flowers hang fall make the embellishment, regardless of matches the lining ivory nuptial dress or the pink evening clothes, can highlight the lovable lively individuality.   Purple is drunk Jin Mi   The thick body which makes by the metal silk thread pastes the neck necklace, decorates glitters the dazzling purple gem, the rich romantic feeling, uses for to match the lining low chest formal clothes,Makes the new bride to add the noble gas.

  Traditional marriage decoration   If the being deeply in love design compares the tradition to snatch mirror's exaggerating jewelry, then the Luo river world wonderful heavy industry sphere quartz makes by insightful crystal clear Shi Hua the exaggerating nechlace, is absolutely you not two electing.

Sparkle quartz   Giant flesh color quartz pearl earring and spiral spiral striation flesh color quartz ring, with simple and rich modernity design, is outstanding comes not to lose the graceful feeling, can attract guest's vision absolutely.wholesale fashion jewellery   Unique wedding ceremony jewelry

  The purchase “ready-made” the jewelry facilitates certainly appropriately, but is actually short of uniquely rare precious, must have the global own wedding ceremony jewelry, may make to order specially greatly, even designs personally. The Chocolate Rain jewelry design is unique, as a result of jewelry by manpower manufacture, therefore each design is “one, two stops”, and has designs and the manufacture necklace, the earring specially specially for the bride-to-be child, even jewelry and so on ball-flower serves, so long as provides the nuptial dress or the evening clothes design, and will say in the mind the ideal design, the needed materials and the price budget, Chocolate Rain will then ask the specialized designer to spend the body for you to make to order the best wedding ceremony to match the decoration, but by making to order, the pattern design to will complete the product, approximately will need from two to three months.

Simultaneously Chocolate Rain also has the different jewelry design class, like restores the old the jewelry design, the evening banquet silk flower jewelry design and so on, each curriculum altogether has two to four halls, the expense approximately $1,000, so long as studies carefully, makes attentively, then can compose the richest thoughts personally the jewelry, self-congratulation red-letter day.

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